Cloud-based VoIP

Cloud-based VoIP has completely changed how people operate remotely by offering organizations and their staff members unmatched scalability, cost savings, flexibility, and collaboration options. Due to its many advantages, modern organizations find it a necessary communication tool that helps them succeed in an increasingly connected and remote world. Adopting cloud-based VoIP enables organizations to stay competitive, flexible, and responsive to the constantly shifting demands of the modern work environment in addition to enabling remote teams to connect efficiently. Cloud-based VoIP is a dependable cornerstone that supports continuous communication, regardless of the geographic distances that may separate a company’s personnel, as remote work continues to determine the future of business.

How to stay safe and productive working from home

The idea of working from home used to be an unthinkable one for most people. Yet here we are still working from home all of these months after COVID-19 first forced us to isolate. While having your employees work from home has helped prevent the spread of the virus, it has not been without connectivity and productivity challenges, and increased cybersecurity risks.

That’s why, even though working from home has now become almost routine, it’s still important to have the conversations that make sure your business is always protected from the latest threats, and always runs smoothly.

Be Aware of Email Scams

The number one cybersecurity risk is email scams. When you’re working in the office on the protected corporate network, the scams are caught in your firewall by anti-phishing tools. At home, those safety nets aren’t nearly as strong and phishing emails disguised as legitimate emails land in inboxes with the intent to steal sensitive employee and company information. Knowing that employees are working from home, scammers often pretend that they’re someone within the company—a manager, director or even the CEO—to establish false trust.

Remind employees that if they’re unsure of an email’s legitimacy to report it before clicking any links within it. The same rule applies when browsing the Internet from a work laptop (or any laptop)—popups on websites should always be dismissed. Illegitimate popups are difficult to differentiate from legitimate ones and often install malware or other viruses on a computer.

Keep Comprehensive Anti-Virus Software Updated

Anti-virus software should always be up-to-date and running on company laptops. If it’s not, the system is vulnerable to cyberattacks as hackers look to exploit home Internet networks. These attacks could leave your business open to ransomware attacks, malware, spyware, and many other breaches. A comprehensive anti-virus suite runs in the background all the time and alerts the user when it detects a problem. Any alerts or signs that the software isn’t running correctly (a line through the icon on a computer desktop screen, for example, means it may be unresponsive) must be reported to your IT team immediately.   

Use a Storage Solution

Regardless of how your company relies on storage—cloud backup or hosted servers—make sure all employees are using this solution often. Saving files locally can lead to lost, destroyed or compromised files if that computer is breached. Cloud Storage solutions also empower your team to better collaborate remotely by creating a unified working environment that allows them to edit, publish and share documents in one place.

Boost Internet Connectivity

The biggest communication and productivity issue for remote teams is the lowly home WiFi. While Internet providers may provide high speed access to the home, basic home routers were never designed to handle the load now being put upon them. Tablets, smartphones, and smart home tech (like Nest hubs and smart TV) are now all connected to the router at the same time as children are attending virtual classes from home and your employees are joining team or client video calls. All of this is too much for the router and results in sluggish connections for everyone. The solution is to install a mesh WiFi system, which creates multiple access points around the home and distributes the network over the area to avoid overloading any one access point. There are a lot of solutions out there, ask us to help you and your employees find the right one.

The reality is that demand for employee flexibility has been building for decades so even after we’re all allowed to return to the office, many companies may choose to offer remote work options. Your business’s success lies in being able to do so effectively and securely. We create the reliable infrastructure that you can count on. Contact us for a free consultation.

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How can VoIP save your company up to 50% of your telecom bill

Logos IT Solution’s cloud-based PBX platform relieves your organization from installing, deploying, and maintaining traditional on-premises telephone systems. We provide a customized voice solution that will meet your business requirements and offer endless collaboration tools whether you are working in the office, home, or in the field. We understand that moving to a new phone system can be challenging, and that’s why Logos IT Solutions provides documentation and training ensuring, this will be a seamless transition to your organization.

Don’t ignore the cost of your telecommunication bills. A VoIP system can reduce your cost by at least 50% and provide you with many more collaboration features. Logos IT Solutions is here to develop a suitable and unique solution for your business. For more information or to book your free consultation, call us now at 416.848.0077 or email us at

How SaaS Backup Can Help

By 2021, the market for software-as-a-service (SaaS) will reach $113.1 billion — almost doubled from 2017.

Because the cloud isn’t people proof

While cloud-based applications like Office 365 are safe when left alone, they can’t protect you from yourself (or your employees). This is why the #1 cause of data loss in the cloud is human error.

Every day, users trigger data loss/corruption in cloud applications due to:

  • Accidental (and intentional!) deletion
  • Overwriting important data
  • Downloading malware/ransomware viruses
  • And more!

If you’re backing up your servers, why not your SaaS apps?

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What caused the majority of downtime in your business?

The majority of downtime is due to human error.

If you’ve been putting off implementing data protection because you consider yourself in a safe zone, think again. It is far more likely that Patrick in Marketing trips on that essential power cord than Mother Nature comes after your server.

To put it simply, if you have employees, you’d better plan ahead for downtime. Connect with us today to learn more about Total Data Protection and keep your business moving, no matter the scenario.

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How to Make Remote Working Work!

Professionals working outside the traditional office environment is on the rise. There’s strong evidence that it benefits companies financially and productively – providing you have the right tools.

Advantages of Remote working

Employees are Happier and More Productive
The lack of commute reduces stress level and makes it easier to maintain a positive work-life balance. That doesn’t mean productivity suffers – In fact 91% of Remote Workers say they get more done at home than in the office.

Reduces Cost
Your overhead costs will drop significantly.

Boosts Profit
The Wall Street Journal found that companies that allowed remote working at least 3 times a month were more likely to report revenue growth across a 12 months period.

Attracts Talent
Remote working forms a key element of your business’ emotional salary. Around 80% of U.S workers say they would turn down a job that didn’t offer remote working!

Choosing your Remote Working Tools:

The success of your company’s transition to remote working lies in the tools you have at your disposal. Choose a trusted provider like Logos IT Solutions and you’ll be working without boundaries in no time. Call us today for your free consultation.

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Is your Office 365 for Business protected?

For small to midsize businesses Microsoft Windows based systems remain dominant. Windows continues to be the operating system most widely used on desktops and laptops. And Microsoft Office remains the most widely used work office suite. So it’s no surprise that Windows system remain the top target for ransomware, too.

A stunning 100% of IT professionals reported they had seen Windows systems infected by ransomware, as reported in Datto’s State of the Channel Ransomware Report. Ransomware typically encrypts your files and promises to decrypt data after a ransom payment.

The collaborative capabilities of Office 365 make ransomware defense more challenging. Before Office 365, you wrote a Word document on your laptop, saved it on your system or file server, then emailed it as an attachment to share outside your organization. Copies of your file could exist in several places: your laptop, a file storage server, your sent email, and the inbox of the recipient.

Thanks to shared files and OneDrive sync, your files may be in more places than ever. A user that shares a document with colleagues can end up with copies on multiple laptops. Each person with editing access might sync a copy to their system. When one person gets ransomware, files get encrypted — then the encrypted versions sync to everyone else. The same is true for Sharepoint Online. As most business critical data is created in Sharepoint Online libraries, ransomware is easily spread there, via the sync client.

Nearly 1 in 3 IT professionals reported that their clients had encountered ransomware that targeted Office 365.

It takes just one visit to a malicious site, one accidental download, or one infected attachment to unleash ransomware.

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Why should you care about a solid Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan?

As a proactive CEO, you know that implementing a solid business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plan is essential for your business.

After all, why would anyone in your position ever put their business at risk of downtime or data loss when prevention is so easy?

While some CEOs fail to give BCDR the proper attention it deserves, we’re not worried about you. But if anyone asks, here are four critical reasons that you, the CEO, care about business continuity and disaster recovery.

Business continuity and disaster recovery is a company-wide responsibility and failure to protect your business from human error, hardware failure and/or natural disasters can be detrimental and impact every single stakeholder. Once you’ve implemented a BCDR solid plan, you will sleep much more soundly at night knowing you’re fully prepared for any disaster that might come your way.

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